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Those thin, plucked and arched brows are no longer as popular as they once were and it is time to put away the tweezers and consider the different brow filling options. Applying cosmetics every day or even multiple times a day can become tiresome. Permanent tattoos simply do not look natural leaving one option that is fast becoming popular.

What Is Microblading And How Does It Differ From An Semi Permanent Eyebrow Tattoo?

Microblading is a form of semi-permanent makeup for the brows. Most commonly the technique is used to fill in the brows for a fuller and more sculpted look.

Just as the name suggests, it uses a very fine blade or scalpel to create tiny incisions along the brow line. Pigment is applied to the incisions which is absorbed into the skin, resulting in a semi-permanent tattoo that closely mimics each individual strand of eyebrow hair. The process is also therefore often referred to as micropigmentation.

The use of a blade instead of a needle is the first way in which to a microblade session differs from tattooing. The use of pigment instead of ink is the second. And the third is perhaps the most important of all – a microblade tattoo is not permanent.

The reason for this is that the pigment is not injected deep into the epidermis or second layer of skin – like ink is in a tattoo – and therefore the particles rise to the surface of the skin faster where it is shed with dead skin cells. The pigment particles are also smaller than ink particles allowing them to be ejected by the body like all foreign particles.

The greatest benefit of this is that microbladed eyebrows are far easier to remove if, for any reason, a client isn’t happy with the end result. A simple process used to lift the pigment from under the skin can be used to remove the offending lines immediately. Alternatively, washing and scrubbing the area regularly will result in the semi-permanent tattoo fading much faster and disappearing entirely in just a few months.

This said, that does mean that some changes may need to be made to a regular beauty and skincare routine to ensure that the newly sculpted brows last longer. Especially in the first couple of weeks as the skin heals. It is best not to get the area wet at all for the first few days and then not to use any harsh facial cleansers, makeup remover or other cleaning materials on the area.

When exfoliating or scrubbing the skin, it is best to avoid the eyebrow area altogether. It is also recommended to avoid swimming, the sun and other agents that can bleach or fade the tattoo. Sunblock and a hat can help. At the same time it is important to keep the area sanitized and use the healing balm that is provided to speed up healing and allow it to last longer.

Taking these steps can make a microblade tattoo last closer to three years than one year. However, there are other factors that can affect the longevity such as skin type. Oilier skins are less likely to hold the micropigmentation as drier skin types. It also recommended to go for a touch up session as soon as the semi-permanent brow tattooing has healed entirely.

But perhaps the greatest difference between a conventional tattoo artist and a microblading artist is the end result. Permanent eyebrow tattoos simply cannot create lines that are fine enough to appear as if they are natural hairs. A microblader can also provide greater contrast, resulting in a much more natural looking artificial eyebrow.

This type of tattooing is not only ideal to ensure that the brows are making the correct fashion statement. They can be used to replace eyebrows that have been entirely lost due to conditions such as alopecia or as the result of chemotherapy treatment for cancer. They are also ideal for eyebrows that have become thin due to the ageing process. Studies have proven that thicker eyebrows can make a person appear much younger than their actual age.

There is one major way in which brow microblading is the same as brow tattooing – it should only be done by a professional microblading artist. A professional microblading service will provide the skill and experience to ensure that the brows appear natural and the artistic talent to sculpt the brow to the desired shape with our micropigmentation service in Corona CA.