• Wash morning and night for 7 days! (Only at night If really dry skin) Wash WITHIN 4 hours of getting brows done. Make sure to wash OUTSIDE shower with cool water. Use a pea size amount and have it suds up on your fingers. Look in the mirror while washing so you can make sure to be EXTRA gentle. Only wipe gently in the direction of hair growth, no circles or hard rubbing. Rinse with cool water, and pat dry with clean paper towel.

    -Balm 3 times daily with Q-Tip! Apply after morning and night washes and once in the afternoon. If you feel extra dry/flakey you can apply a fourth application. Only use a rice grain size amount for both brows. (Too much balm will not allow the brows to breath and could make the strokes blurry) The balm should last you for both appointments and should be used until it is gone. If you are extra oily, blot with a clean paper towel to absorb excess oil and skip the afternoon application of brow balm.

  • Keep dry (no shower water, sauna, hot tub, lake, ocean, AND sweat) until completely healed. Aka no scabbing or flaking left! Usually 10-14 days.
    —Clients still need to keep dry in the shower… steamy hot showers will cause the pores to open and scabs soften, so to be cautious, no extra steamy hot showers!! Avoid the water ESPECIALLY shampoo and conditioner running down.. that’ll cause color discoloration!
    — no excessive sweating
    — No sauna, hot tub, pool, ocean, etc.
  • Do not pick, rub, or scratch scabs! Avoid sleeping on face and do not have your face in the pillow. Tip: use an airplane pillow while you sleep to help keep your head from turning to the side.
  • Avoid direct sun exposure for 2 weeks
  • No anti aging or acne products on them ever!! Will cause fading very quickly. This is anything with chemical exfolliants such as Retinol, Glycolic Acid,Salisylic Acid, etc.

    -No makeup, lotion, face wash on them until completely healed. Only use the soap and balm I gave you in your after care bag.

    Over the first couple of days they will get darker. Don’t worry, it is just the healing process and they will continue to change over the next few weeks.

    Around day 4 they can begin to flake. REMEMBER Do not pick at them because it can pick off the pigment.

    They will be healed around 7-10 days. It is normal to have small gapS. After 14 days you can put make up on them. I will fill them back in at your touch up.

“Great brows don’t happen by chance,
they happen by appointment”

“Great brows don’t happen by chance,
they happen by appointment”