Microblading is a process that involves applying permanent ink to the skin to create the appearance of naturally flawless eyebrows for those with little to no hair above their eyes. The process is completed with the use of a microblade tool and ink that is made to match the natural color of the client’s hair. It is the perfect solution for people have plucked too much in the past or for those who cannot seem to get their eyebrows to grow in thick enough or long enough.

The microblading process has been around for more than two decades and was first discovered in Asia. It has since gone by quite a few different names, including embroidery for the brows and the feather touch. Although it has been around for more than 20 years, it has only gained popularity in the United States over the past five years. More women and men are undergoing the microblading procedure because they want to have full brows that are flawlessly arched visit whole sale bud.

Microblading does involve tattooing the skin, but it is much different from the traditional process of having ink applied to the skin with a tattooing needle and machine. The professional who completes the microblading technique will carefully create small strokes that resemble real hair while holding a microblade and dipping it into ink that looks natural on the skin. The strokes of hair that are drawn on are made in such a way to blend in perfectly with the rest of the client’s natural eyebrow hair. When it is done correctly by a professional, the results are amazing.

Different techniques are followed by professionals who provide this service to their clients. With the 1D eyebrows, all strokes of hair are going in the exact same direction. However, 3D brows involve creating a pattern with the strokes that will leave them looking even more natural. There is even a technique that is referred to as 6D eyebrows. The process involves switching up the depth of each stroke to create artificial strokes of hair that look exactly the way that the natural hairs would look when they are growing in on the face.

Most clients will need to attend two sessions to have their brows completed. During the initial appointment, the client will discuss what he or she would like the brows to look like and will have them drawn on with a pencil before the microblading process begins. Once the client approves, the professional can begin applying the strokes to the skin. The client should expect to experience some scabbing of the skin after treatment, but it will not take too long for the brows to heal.

Clients should come back for a second appointment within a month to receive a touch-up. The professional will get to look at the brows and see how well the ink settled on the skin. There are times when a professional may need to add a few additional strokes just to complete the full and flawless brow look.